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BREAKING: The Disappearance of Leiming Chen

Let’s circle back to the man linking Hinman to China – LeimingChen. After leaving Simpson Thacher in 2016, Chen joined Ant Group as a Senior Vice President. We will expose his work there soon. First, let’s fast forward to last month’s DiDi IPO fiasco.

In early July, the Chinese Communist Party punished DiDi for skirting around its regulatory authority and used its rogue IPO as excuse to further clamp down on all of China’s tech giants.

Where was Leiming Chen during all of this action? No one knows. Chen had, in fact, disappeared.

As soon as the crackdown on DiDi happened, Chen’s profile was removed from Ant Group’s leadership page. (An older version is preserved here.)

Simpson Thacher, which represented underwriters on the DiDiIPO, was apparently asked by Beijing to do the same. On the same day that Ant Group scrubbed all mentions of Chen on their website, Simpson Thacher erased Chen’s profile and replaced it with a ‘former partners’ page that omits all details of his prior work. Records of his involvement can still be found if you go to the firm’s news page and search for Leiming Chen, but don’t be surprised if the 110 results available at the time this piece was posted are quickly scrubbed of his name.

Why did Simpson Thacher collude with Ant Group to hide Chen? Is the Chinese Communist Party worried that information linking him to influence operations is starting to get out? Did he piss off Xi Jiping and is he being forced into submission like Jack Ma before him? Was he shuffled into a secret role at Ant Group? In any case, it is clear that Chen’s current and former associates worked in tandem to make him disappear just as XRP army investigators are closing in his central role in the conflicts of interest that William Hinman and Jay Clayton while they served at the SEC.

Wondering how this all ties back to Simpson Thacher and the SEC? Next, we will look at how William Hinman’s law firm bends to the will of Chinese state owned companies to help the CCP achieve its long-term strategic goals, and makes a fortune doing it.

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