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Gary Gensler’s M.I.T. Lab Scandal; New Documents.

Gary Gensler currently sits at the head of the SEC, and on a throne built of money from Jeffery Epstein and Wall Street.

Unlike Jay Clayton, Gensler had substantial government experience prior to his appointment to the SEC. From 1999 to 2001, he held high-level positions in Clinton’s Treasury Department. From 2009 to 2014, he was chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

However, just like Jay Clayton, Gensler has deep ties to Wall Street. He joined Goldman Sachs right out of college and became one of the youngest partners in the firm’s history when he was thirty.

We now have his is 2021 federal financial disclosures and they reveal that he is now worth somewhere between $50 and $100 million. What’s more, is Gensler admits that he is still on Goldman Sachs’ payroll while sitting atop of the country’s most powerful financial regulatory agency.

Bill Hinman took $15 million from Simpson Thacher in the years he was in office. Gary Gensler is still taking money from Goldman Sachs today.

Gensler also made a foray into the world of academia before the SEC, teaching at M.I.T.’s Sloan School of management and serving as the Senior Advisor to the MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative. Gensler’s time and actions in both of these roles raise many red flags when considering his perspective oncryptocurrencies, the origin of his personal fortune, and his ethics by association.

While teaching about cryptocurrencies in the Sloan School of Management, Gensler often argued that XRP was a “bank currency” not a security. He also wrote in an academic paper“XRP and the Ripple network might still exist even if Ripple, the company, disappeared.” These statements are totally contradictory to those he has made on the subject since being appointed to the SEC which begs the simple question, why the change?

What is even more interesting about the research that he did atM.I.T. was who he conducted it with and who funded it.

Gensler’s close collaborator and friend in the lab was a man named Joi Ito, someone who Gensler once described as “one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.” Ito is also a close friend of Jeffery Epstein. He was so close to Epstein that he took multiple trips on the Lolita express to Jeffery Epstein’s island, and he was able to get Epstein to provide the initial funding for Gensler’s lab in the form of a $525,000 payment.

This initial payment was followed by a staggering $1.2 million dollar payment to Gensler’s lab, also from Epstein, which allowed him to serve as the defacto advisor to the lab. Epstein also served as an intermediary between Gensler’s lab and other wealthy donors, soliciting upwards of $7.5 million in donations from individuals and organizations, including Bill Gates and Jay Clayton’s good friend Leon Black.

Even when Epstein was listed as “disqualified” by M.I.T. the lab continued to accept gifts from him, consulted him about the use of the funds, and, by marking his contributions as anonymous, avoided disclosing them.

The relationship between Gensler’s lab and Jeffery Epstein was so extensive that Epstein was known to appear on M.I.T.’s campus, with his female escorts, to meet with members of the lab to discuss their work, and future donations. It was reportedthat he appeared on campus at least nine times between 2013 and 2017, even after his initial conviction on sex charges involving a minor in Florida.

It was these meetings that pushed a whistleblower named Signe Swenson who was working in M.I.T.’s central fund-raising office, as a development associate at the time, to bring this heinous situation to light. When she saw Epstein in person, with his escorts, she said, “all of us women made it a point to be super nice to them. We literally had a conversation about how, on the off chance that they’re not there by choice, we could maybe help them.” She knew the danger that those woman were in, as well as the grim implications of Epstein’s involvement with Gensler’s lab.

She saw how the lab actively worked to solicit Jeffery Epstein’s money and exploit his connections and knew it was wrong. Soshe did something about it while the current Chairman of the SEC sat idly by on a pile of Epstein’s money.

As long as Epstein’s money kept coming in, and it did, Gary Gensler had no issue with Epstein’s extensive human trafficking and exploitation of underage girls.

Now this would certainly disqualify Gary Gensler from ever again serving in the government, but luckily for someone as well connected as he is the rules don’t apply to him. He had no problem working with the country’s most high profile pedophile so long as it meant that he could continue cycling through the golden revolving door of government and private practice that has become the most lucrative form of organized crime in the modern world.

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Gary Gensler was brought into the world of cryptocurrency and financial technology by disgraced professor Joi Ito. His work was funded by notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Both of Gensler’s mentors