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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The crypto community has waited long enough for Biden’s SEC or the media to investigate Jay Clayton and William Hinman for the blatant conflicts of interest and suspicious actions they took on cryptocurrencies while in high office at the Securities and Exchange Commission. The wait is over.

We decided to investigate them ourselves, collect the information we can uncover through a variety of trusted sources, verify what we learn, and publish the facts here.

In truth, we’ve been hard at work for months collecting a lot of information, and have plenty of facts already verified and documented. It covers years of activity among a variety of key people who all had a direct interest in what Clayton and Hinman did in office in relation to cryptocurrencies – specifically bitcoin, ether and XRP.

The big task is to verify the facts and connect the dots to show you the full story. Based on what we’ve already gotten, the story is worse than we’d imagined.

Based on what we’ve found, the actions that they took on bitcoin, ether and XRP didn’t come from a technical or legal analysis of digital assets, but were a deliberate abuse of power by Clayton and Hinman to enrich themselves and a broad network of associates including Simpson Thacher, Ant Group, and the Chinese Communist Party.

We have obtained source materials from several countries in a variety of languages, and we will count on a continuously growing army of knowledgeable sources and whistleblowers with access to important information to pass it along to us completely securely at our tip line:

Bookmark this page and follow us on Twitter at @ClayHinFacts for notifications of new information drops on this page.

And stay tuned.

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